Cleaning & Disinfecting Your Home

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A clean home is a happy home. I think we’ve all heard that before, but having a clean home during the time of Covid-19 is an essential part of staying safe. There are so many different products on the market, how can we know what is safe and necessary.

We all want to keep ourselves and our family safe, this is why cleaning and disinfecting your home is so important. It is also important to remember that disinfecting without cleaning has little effect, so wash down those surfaces and frequently touched areas, and then go over with a disinfectant.

If you’re concerned about the amount of “cleaning” you’ve just heard, don’t be. We’ve got simple tricks to be able to assist you with any problem.

Firstly, let’s make our own DIY indoor sanitizer, this you can do by mixing sanitizing alcohol and water together, keep this nearby in an easy to use spray can.

Our next tip moms have found rather useful around the home, pouring 100ml of rubbing alcohol into a bag of baby wipes, this makes wiping down phones, groceries and those frequently touched areas super simple.

Not keen on DIY cleaning solutions, here’s a short list of products to shop which are great to use on those frequently touched areas:

  1. Clean Hands Alcohol Rub 385ml
  2. Dettol Hygiene Liquid Hand Wash Pump Fresh 200ml
  3. Dettol Hygiene Liquid Hand Wash Fresh Refill Pouch 200ml
  4. Dettol Hygiene Wipes Sensitive 40's Case Of 12
  5. Dettol Hygiene Cleaner Kitchen Trigger Grape Fruit 500ml
  6. Dettol Hygiene All Purpose Cleaner Pine 750ml
  7. Dettol Antiseptic 125ml
  8. Jik Pot Pourri 750ml
  9. Jik Clean Up Trigger Regular 500ml Case Of 12
  10. Jik Clean Up Regular 750ml

Shop our full Stay Safe collection here.

It's the simple straight-forward thinking that helps make a difference - washing your hands, not touching your face, staying indoors, and investing in a cloth face mask.

Stay safe & stay home!

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