Self Care During Lockdown

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Practicing Self Care During Lockdown

Life feels a little upside down and unpredictable right now - our schedules are completely upside down and the word 'balance' doesn't seem to fit into anyone's vocabulary right now. It is however so important not to let life get the better of us.

Take a moment to love yourself! Find time and do things on a 'schedule' that fits you best.

We've connected with one of our team members to share with you their self-care routine. It features an entire self-care day routine but one could easily just take parts of it to apply to a self-care routine for oneself.

“Some days are meant to be counted, others are meant to be weighed.” -Elizabeth Gilbert

I don’t know about you but lockdown caught me off guard. Life went from the usual, mundane up and down, crazy shenanigans to a complete halt. All of a sudden sitting at home is all you can do and that can take a toll on anyone even those well-adjusted to sitting at home, such as myself. 

Making sure I maintain my sanity during this uncertain time has thus been very important to me. I have a routine that I follow and is something I do regardless of lockdown but I've made sure to be more intentional with it during this time.

So, this is how I maintain my sanity and peace during lockdown. Each step of this process is in a  way slowly removing a layer of uneasiness in my mind and by the end I'm re-energised and re-focussed.

I usually give myself a self-care day. When I wake up that day I make sure to remind my mind and spirit to be present and intentional with everything I do. Every part of this routine is done with mindfulness and with the aim to clear my mind, calm my heart and still my spirit. 


Declutter Your Surroundings

I start by making my bed and tidying up my space. Organising and decluttering my space works (in a weird way) to also declutter and clear my own mind. This is definitely not a major clean and declutter and it shouldn't be - it’s just a quick 10 to 15 minutes to tidy up and MAKE your bed - this is the most important part! Once this is done, layer one of the murk in my mind is lifted.


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Do Some Reflection

Next, I do some journaling. Journaling is an important part of my life and it’s so good at calming me and psyching up my spirit. I journal whatever is in my heart that day - I don't have any plan. I focus more on reflecting on the deeper aspects of my soul rather than jotting down and discussing current life events like who I'm dating or what that friend did to me etc. I also include scripting in my journaling. Scripting is a Law of Attraction technique where you write a story about your life based on how you want it to be and as if it has already happened. Focusing on how you would feel when your desire manifested.

Another layer of murk  is now lifted.

Practice Meditation

Next comes the holy grail -  meditating. I know this is either very unpopular and weird to some or very cliche to others. Meditating is one of those underrated and overrated things. Overrated because I feel mainstream media has watered it down and made it superfluous. Meditation forces you to stop and feel everything that is you right now. We often drown the noises in our head or numb what we’re feeling by constantly being active and doing things. Never do we just sit, quietly with ourselves and let whatever feeling, pain, joy, disappointment just come and go. So I sit. My mediation takes two forms:

  • Mindfulness - this is being present, breathing, visualising this is conscious meditation and acts on the conscious mind.
  • Mediating - this works on the unconscious mind. This is when you fully surrender and exert no effort. You simply let your mind wander and be. 

I alternate between these forms of mediation as each helps you to discover and unearth a different side of yourself and helps to grow your mind and spirit. This is definitely the most powerful step of my routine and has done wonders for me. The trick is not to NOT think, which is often what people assume. The point is to just be, let whatever come, come.


Put On A Mask And Soak Up In A Bath 

Next,  I do the “fun” bit, that everyone always talks about and focuses on. Whereas the other stuff helps to heal you from within this helps to heal you from the outside. The external stimuli that a skincare routine or a nice bath provides makes you FEEL GOOD and feeling good feeds your soul and eases up that stress and tension!

So, I have a long ass shower or bath (preferably a bath but ours is currently broken)

Again, the aim here for me is to be present and mindful through my shower. This is when I have some music playing and I feel the water on my skin, I feel that music and I feel the moment. I give thanks, I pray and I give thanks again!


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Get Comfortable

To end my routine, I snuggle back in a comfortable spot either the bed or the couch and I either pull out some series, a cool podcast, read a book, watch some Oprah, whatever floats my boat that day. The rest of the day is spent doing nothing. I came across this expression once in the book “Eat Pray Love”.

“La Dolce Far Niente”  (translation: the sweetness of doing nothing)

I resonated so much with this and to this day it still holds so much meaning and weight in my life. Doing a lot and  being busy is a pastime pushed way too often and we’re constantly encouraged to keep doing stuff. Even on our off days and weekends people load their days up with activities to do: visit my friends, go to the shops, hike, you can think of the rest. The idea of doing nothing seems pointless to many however, in my experience it’s doing quite A LOT and is a very essential part of staying sane and happy. It feeds you in a way that can only be felt when actually done.

I don’t just mindlessly do nothing, I savour and embrace each moment, I feel the show I'm watching, I feel the comfort of lying on my bed or couch, I feel the ease, I feel the joy, I call my mom and laugh and I feel each moment of that laugh. Being intentional and mindful is tough in the beginning but it forces you to cherish the moment and not let doing nothing be just that. It brings the sweetness to the doing of  nothing. 


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So that’s it! That's the  general idea of my routine.

It works for me and I encourage all to find a routine that works for them and helps to ease and calm their mind. I also encourage this to be a regular part of your routine and not only pulled out when you're down in the dumps. It’s the consistency of such a routine that truly helps to keep you at ease. - Stacy Ngetich

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