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SweepStar Tips: Cleaning Your Fridge & Kitchen Cabinets

Lately, life has been feeling extremely impossible, with endless amounts of dishes, cleaning and sweeping, it feels like the housework is a never-ending story. It's days like these when you really appreciate all that your domestic worker does for you - the time and care they took into caring for, not just your home, but your family as well.

There is still light at the end of this dark and gloomy tunnel. And during this time, we surely know the importance of keeping our home extra clean. SweepStars, Florence and Luke India, helps us use everyday products to keep our home clean, tidy and our family safe, sharing their tips & tricks with you to ease the lockdown cleaning blues.

Let’s have a look at their tips on cleaning in the kitchen.

How To Clean Your Fridge:

Florence swears by using a damp cloth and thick bleach to clean the outside of your fridge, killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs that your fridge is exposed to, daily. She then follows through with a damp cloth, dipped in an all-purpose cleaner and water solution to clean the inside of the fridge.

She also recommends placing a lid of vinegar inside your fridge to keep odours at bay.

How To Clean Inside Your Kitchen Cabinets

To clean your kitchen cabinets, start by using a wet cloth, dipped in a kitchen cleaner and water solution to wash down shelves from top to bottom prior to wiping over it again with a damp and dry cloth, not forgetting the cabinet doors and door handles. Finally, be sure to wash down any containers (and crockery) ahead of packing it back in the cupboards to avoid contaminating your freshly cleaned cabinets.

All these tips and more you can find by watching the videos above.

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