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SweepStar Tips: Pro Tips To Cleaning Your Bathtub & Shower

It’s day 55 of lockdown and with the whole family at home 24/7 the cleaning seems as if there is no end in sight.

Every day feels the same, with ridiculous amounts of laundry, dirty dishes and an untidy bathroom while juggling everyday life, it’s easy to feel like life is becoming repetitive and gloomy.

Here at SweepSouth, we love sharing SweepStar hacks with you, so you’re in for a good treat!

Let’s have a look at Sweepstars, Luke India and Similo’s tips on cleaning that tricky bathroom, specifically focusing on the bathtub and shower.

How To Clean Your Bathtub:

The bathtub should be a place of cleanliness, but keeping it so can sometimes be a chore. A great tip is to ensure that you give your bath a good rinse after every use, that way you limit the build up of soap scum and grime.

Luke India swears that by not using a rough sponge and avoiding ammonia based, you can avoid leaving those awful streaks and scratches on your tub. Also, don’t forget to focus on frequently touched areas, such as soap dishes and taps.

How To Clean Your Shower:

Now the same goes for your shower - be sure to rinse it, especially the glass shower door after every use to prevent the build up of soap scum which is extremely difficult to remove once it’s there.

On the other hand, Similo provides us with an awesome hack for the shower, such as diluting thick bleach and using a spray bottle to evenly distribute the mixture on the tiles and walls of the shower. Leaving that to settle for about 5 minutes, she uses a scrubbing brush, sprinkles with water and scrubs away the grime ahead of rinsing with warm water.

All these tips and more you can find by watching the videos above.

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