Anusol Ointment 25g

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The UK #1 selling treatment for piles, Anusol Ointment, with applicator provides effective soothing relief from discomfort and pain associated with internal and external piles. It can also be used to help with itching around the back passage and the discomfort of an anal fissure. Targeted 3 way action reduces swelling, soothes itching and eases passage of stool. Designed for use with other Anusol  products: suppositories and wipes DIRECTIONS FOR USE 

The area around the anal opening should be cleansed with soap and warm water, then dried carefully by patting dry (not rubbing) with soft toilet tissue or cotton-wool before medication is used.

Apply the ointment as often as necessary.


To apply internally, screw off the cap and attach the cleansed applicator nozzle (enclosed).

Insert the applicator into the anus and release the desired quantity of ointment.

Then apply a thin film of ointment over the external area. The product is non-staining, however if excess product is applied remove gently with gauze or soft tissue.

After each application, the applicator nozzle must be removed and carefully washed in hot water with detergent and then thoroughly rinsed in clear water.



As with all bismuth-containing preparations, neurotoxicity may occur with prolonged or excessive use. Children: Not recommended. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

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