BOS Ice Tea Sparkling Blueberry and Jasmine 300ml can case of 24

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Sparkling organic ice tea made with sparkling water, enhanced with organic rooibos and dash of natural fruit and botanical flavours. NO SUGAR, NO SWEETENERS, NO CAFFEINE, NO KILOJOULES OR CALORIES Rooibos – the local, home grown tea with unique superfood powers. Because it’s caffeine free, you can enjoy this drink anytime, anywhere - morning, noon and night. ROOIBOS is packed with antioxidants – to help slow down the ageing process. Can be enjoyed as a delicious zero-kilojoule thirst quencher or as a mixer in skinny cocktails. HEALTHY PEOPLE, HEALTHY PLANET: At BOS we believe that being healthy can also be fun. So we make great tasting ice tea in award winning, colourful packaging. For every 2000 packs we sell, we plant and maintain 1 tree in underprivileged local communities to help protect our planet.

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