Montagu Cashew W320 Roasted and Salted 500g

Montagu Cashew W320 Roasted and Salted 500g

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•Source of dietary fibre (soluble & insoluble)

•Low in fat

•Low in sodium

•Low glycemic index (GI)

•Rich in anthocyanins (flavonoid pigments, which also act as antioxidants)

•Contains sorbitol (natural laxative)



•Roasted and crushed kernels often sprinkled over salads, desserts, particularly sundaes and other dairy-based preparations.

•Peanut butter is a food paste prepared from roasted nuts, with or without the addition of oil. It is popular throughout the world and commonly used as dip/spread. Peanut milk is also a favorite lactose-free healthy drink.

•Peanut “chutney” or paste, made from these nuts, chili peppers, salt, coriander leaves, garlic and mustard seeds, is a popular dip among South Indian, Sri Lankan regions.

•Add peanuts to healthy sautéed chicken and vegetables.

•Make a simple Southeastern Asian salad by combining sliced green cabbage, grated ginger, Serrano chilis and peanuts. Toss with olive oil and soy sauce dressing.


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