Montagu Fruit Swirls Mango 50g Pack of 10

Montagu Fruit Swirls Mango 50g Pack of 10

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Naturally and deliciously sweet, no sugar or preservatives are added to these sunshine-packed snacks. What’s more, their innovative, easy-tear perforated segments make them a super convenient on-the-go treat. They’re so good, you may find your kids reaching for Fruit Swirls instead of sugar-packed sweets!



Our Fruit Swirls contain no added sugar and are preservative-free. A good source of Vitamin C, they are also packed with all the natural vitamins and minerals of dried fruit. No artificial colourants or flavourings are used, only natural dried fruit goodness.



•When you’re on-the-go

•During the week as a lunchbox treat

•Before, during or after sports practices or light exercise

•As playful, tactile snacks for toddlers and young kids

•For fruity smiles when kids make dried fruit faces

•As a teaching aid where little ones can learn to count the segments

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