Montagu Sour Wiggles Cherry 40g Pack of 10

Montagu Sour Wiggles Cherry 40g Pack of 10

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Wow, that’s sour! Introducing Sour Wiggles, Montagu’s yummy new range of super sour dried fruit snacks. Sour Wiggles make a healthier alternative to other sugar-packed sour sweets. So grown-ups, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy them either…

Now that’s good, clean flavour fun! 



Our Sour Wiggles are preservative-free and contain no added sugar. They are also a good source of Vitamin C and are high in dietary fibre. You will find no artificial colourants or flavourings in these wiggly treats either – just the sunshine goodness of Montagu dried fruit.



•When your kids are on-the-go or between extramural activities

•Popped into party packs for kids’ birthdays

•As decorations for biscuits, cupcakes or cakes

•For healthier Halloween hand-outs

•As a point system for kids’ weekly chores

•During the week as a lunchbox treat

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