Oxy Face Scrub 125ml

Oxy Face Scrub 125ml

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Oxy Daily Anti-Spot Face Scrub Male Skin 125ml is specially formulated to help treat men's skin, which can be thicker and more oily. This scrub contains jojoba microbeads to remove pore-deep dirt and oil and leave skin feeling fresher. Seaweed extract helps eliminate spot-causing germs and control shine.

  • OXY® anti-spot face scrub, with its anti inflammatory properties at least 3 times a week.
  • This will keep your skin clean and clear of blemishes.
  • Regular use will also assist in the prevention of spots and blackheads whilst controlling excess oil.
  • OXY® anti-spot face scrub contains alpha hydroxy acid which assists the gentle exfoliating action to shed old skin cells and unclog pores to revea glowing skin.
  • Phycosaccharide is a unique spot fighting ingredient extracted from brown seaweed.
  • It assists in fighting bacteria, excess sebum and reduces redness!

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